The lifetime of a roof can vary by many different factors that fall under it. Just a “roof” can last 10-15 years, and this is a very vague answer. More has to be incorporated into discovering the life expectancy and how long your roof can last. More than just sitting on top of your home, your roof should be durable and withstand the elements, like the weather conditions our roofing company in Olathe, KS is well aware of. You need a roofing contractor that can accomplish a satisfactory roof for your home that is built to last, but it’s still important to evaluate the age of your current roof.

What These Old Bones Still Have

A simple roof can only last a short amount of time if it’s poorly installed. However, a good roofing system will last anywhere between 20-30 years. The value of a roofing system that functions well and is built with a strong foundation. The materials you use aside from a visual purpose, articulate the durability of your roof and your home. These materials like shingles can also determine the value of your home depending on what material is used. A roofing system is more than just shingles a good roofing system is 50% on the roof and 50% in the attic.

A good roofing system is made of:
  • Solid and smooth decking.
  • Shingles, ridge cap shingles, and starter row shingles
  • Ice and water leak barriers.
  • Underlayment.
  • Flashings.
  • Balanced intake and exhaust attic ventilation.
  • Good levels of attic insulation.
  • Last but not least: good workmanship

What Your New Roof Needs

A long-lasting roof is more than just shingles…

To get as much life as possible from your new roof, all the things above must be taken into consideration. An improperly installed roofing system will shorten the life expectancy of the shingles significantly. Plus, when a contractor leaves out things such as ventilation, the warranty of your shingles might be voided automatically. Our roofing company in Olathe KS is one of the most educated and loves to break down the details for homeowners to feel safe and comfortable in their own homes. A long-lasting roof means a long-lasting house that you and your family are happy to call home for years to come. To get a roofing system that fits your home needs call the experts at HT Roofing & Construction.

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