Painting the exterior is an exciting project that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you want to change the color, weatherproof the home, or fix general wear and tear, the right paint job is a significant upgrade for your household. But before calling a professional to bring out the house paint, rollers, and paintbrushes, it is important to understand the most advisable times to upgrade your home this way.

Factors like temperature, climate conditions, season, humidity, and time of day can all affect the quality of a paint job. A look at the top considerations for choosing a time to paint your home can help you get the most out of your investment.

Outdoor Temperature for Painting the Home

The first step in selecting when it is best to paint the home is to choose a time frame with agreeable outdoor temperatures. Mild or moderate outdoor temperatures help ensure the proper adhesion of house paint. Experts advise that the ideal temperature range is 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit for oil-based house paint or 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit for latex-based house paint.

Temperatures that fall below the recommended range can cause dried paint to become brittle, cracked, or splotchy. On the other hand, temperatures above the recommended range can make paint dry too quickly and result in blisters or air bubbles.

Outdoor Humidity for Painting the Home

Humidity is another factor to consider when painting your home. In meteorology, humidity refers to the concentration of moisture or water vapor in the air. Select a time with the least humidity in your area since too much moisture can inhibit the way your paint dries.

You should also select a time with minimal rainfall. The last problems you want are streaks of moisture destroying your house’s fresh coat of paint. To plan your schedule, try aiming for a time frame that has no rain in the forecast for about five days. You can consult your local almanac or extended weather forecast or contact a professional company if you have climate-related concerns.

Time of Year for Painting the Home

The time of year can impact the way any type of paint dries. The recommended range for painting your home is between late spring and early fall. This allows you to select days with temperate conditions that enable the paint to dry evenly and thoroughly.

Attempting to paint your home during a harsh Kansas winter can be counterproductive since weather extremes like snowfall or blizzards can ruin fresh paint. Similarly, harsh winter winds can blow dust or debris on wet paint and undermine your investment.

Time of Day for Painting the Home

The time of day is an often overlooked factor in deciding when to paint your home. Most experts recommend choosing a time with minimal dew but with plenty of remaining daylight hours. Try scheduling the appointment in the morning once temperatures have reached at least 5 degrees above the dew point. Times of day that are partially cloudy or overcast are also acceptable since these conditions allow your exterior paint job to dry at a measured pace.

Times to Avoid Painting the Home

One of the best approaches is to give yourself the flexibility in choosing the best time range to paint your home. Since your decision may also depend on your personal schedule and time constraints, it is also a good idea to understand the worst times to paint the home. Times to avoid painting your home include the following:

  • During the rain or before an upcoming storm
  • At night or during the evening
  • During heatwaves
  • When temperatures drop below freezing
  • During periods of extreme humidity

Consult with a local exterior painter to determine available appointments during optimal times for your home upgrade. In addition to familiarity with the best appointment times, professionals have the tools and experience to complete your paint job efficiently.

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