Replacing all the windows in your home tends to be expensive, but it’s also a great investment that can pay off in numerous ways. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that the average home in the United States has 22 windows, so you’d typically pay $7,000 to $27,000 if you were to replace all of them at one time. While this can be quite costly, replacing your windows can still be well worth it by providing the following important benefits for you and your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency and Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

The greatest benefit of replacing your windows is in improving your home’s energy efficiency, and this is especially the case if you still have old single-pane windows. The heat gain and heat loss from windows are the biggest contributors to energy waste in most homes. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately 25%–30% of the energy used to heat and cool the average home is wasted due to outdated windows causing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

On average, upgrading to new, more energy-efficient windows will lower your annual energy bills by around 12%. This may not seem all that significant at first, but new windows will still save you a few hundred dollars a year in energy costs. If you’re upgrading from single-pane to double-pane windows, the effect will be far greater and could cut your energy costs nearly in half.

Less Wear and Tear on Your HVAC System

Replacing your windows won’t just save you money on energy costs. It can also help you to avoid potentially costly heating or cooling repairs and even extend the lifespan of your current HVAC system. With leaky windows, your home will heat up faster in the summer and cool off quicker in the winter. So, your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump will usually need to run more frequently and for longer periods each time it turns on.

The longer and more often your HVAC system runs, the more wear and tear it will put on all its components. This can lead to more frequent breakdowns and greater repair needs and shorten the lifespan of your heating and cooling units.

A More Comfortable Home

The heat gain or loss from leaky windows can also directly impact your home comfort, as it can make some rooms too hot in the summer and too cool in the winter. This is yet another area where replacing your windows can have a major impact. New double-pane windows are far better at insulating, so they will help to prevent cold air from seeping in during the winter and heat from coming in during the summer. Most new windows also have a fairly high solar heat gain coefficient, which tells you how effective the window is at blocking heat gain from sunlight. By upgrading your windows, you can help to keep your home at a more consistent temperature.

Enhanced Curb Appeal and Higher Home Value

Replacing your windows can also improve your home’s curb appeal, which is important if you decide to sell it in the next decade or so. New windows will also increase the value of your home by around 70% of the total cost of the new windows on average. For the typical home, this means an increased value of $13,000 to $14,000 if you replace all your windows.

Less Noise

Single-pane windows or ones that are poorly sealed and leak are poor at keeping sound out. If your windows are more than 15 to 20 years old, replacing them can also help keep your home quieter since those new windows will block out noise far better. This can be especially important if you live in a high-traffic area since it means far less noise from vehicles on the street.

Tax Savings

If you’ve been considering replacing your home’s windows or doors, there has never been a better time to do it. The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act created a new tax credit program that can help to offset the cost of your new windows or doors. If you install new ENERGY STAR-certified windows or skylights, you will be eligible for a rebate of 30% of the total cost, up to a maximum of $600. ENERGY STAR exterior doors also qualify for a rebate of 30% of the cost worth up to $250 per door and $500 total each year.

If you’re looking to replace some or all of your windows, you can count on our team at HT Roofing & Construction for help. We specialize in residential and commercial window replacement, and we also offer professional roofing services as well as siding, gutter, and exterior painting services throughout the Lenexa, KS area. For more information about our window replacement services or to schedule a window replacement consultation, contact us today.

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