The roof of your house acts as a lid and is one of the most integral parts of the structure. Your home’s roof protects the contents from weather, animals, and more. When your roof is compromised, you may experience problems such as leaks, inability to regulate temperature, and even small critters living in your ceiling, attic, or walls. Unsure of the structural integrity of your roof? Read through some of the most common signs to look for that may indicate it is time for a new roof.

1. Your Roof Has Exceeded Its Expected Lifespan

Even with the highest level of craftsmanship and top-level materials, mother nature and the passage of time eventually take their toll on your roof. Once your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, it is time for a replacement. If you suspect your roof might be nearing its end, contact HT Roofing & Construction for a complete inspection to assess the integrity. You may have hidden issues unseen by the naked eye that require the eyes of a professional.

2. Curling or Buckling Shingles

Curling and buckling shingles indicate that they are not properly secured anymore. These shingles will not completely protect your home. These open areas and gaps that the shingles used to cover are the perfect entryway for water and pests to enter. It also lets the conditioned air escape your home. If you only have one or two shingles in poor condition, you may be able to repair just the trouble spots. However, when you have many in several different areas, it may be time to replace the entire roof.

3. Missing or Cracked Shingles

Strong winds and storms can wreak havoc on a roof, breaking or tearing off shingles. Once you have damaged or missing shingles, it’s time to have a professional inspect your roof and see if repair or replacement is best. In some instances, the granules on the shingles may shake loose. Even if the shingles are still securely attached, missing granules mean a lack of that layer of protection.

4. Water Damage in the Attic or Ceilings

Damp spots or water stains in your attic or upper ceilings are a good indication that you have an issue with the integrity of your roof. The area of these stains does not necessarily indicate where the roof is damaged. Our trained roofers can track the water to find the source. Failure to address the issue quickly could cause further damage to your home and its contents.

5. Your Roof Sags

If your roof sags, that is a strong indicator that moisture has gotten through the shingles or top material and started to rot the boards underneath. This sagging is a serious structural concern and needs to be fixed immediately to prevent more moisture damage and total collapse.

6. Moss and Mold Growth

Moss, mold, or fungi growth on, under, or around your roof can mean that moisture has gotten in. If you see the growth of moss, mold, or fungi, you should seek the services of a professional. Regular inspections and cleaning can keep this growth from getting out of hand and causing major damage to the roof. If moss and mold are allowed to continue growing on the roof, it can lead to the need to replace the entire structure prematurely.

7. High Heating and Cooling Costs

Seeing your utility bills jump during the hottest and coldest times of the year isn’t usually a surprise. If your energy use is much higher than in years past, however, you may want to consider the quality of your roof. If your roof is old or damaged, you could lose conditioned air, causing your furnace or air conditioning to work harder to keep your home’s climate comfortable.

As a homeowner, it is important to spot the signs of a faulty or damaged roof. We can help determine if a simple repair will do the trick or if the roof needs to be replaced to prevent damage to the inside and structure of your home. If you spot any of the signs discussed above, it’s time to call a professional as soon as possible to inspect and assess your roof.

At HT Roofing & Construction, we handle inspection, repairs, and roof replacements for residences and commercial buildings. We also offer exterior painting, siding, gutter work, and more. For reliable, highly skilled roofers in the Lenexa, KS area, call HT Roofing & Construction today to have your roof replaced.

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