March 13

Insurance Claims for Roof Storm Damage: What You Need to Know

Today, most lenders require borrowers to obtain homeowners insurance before they approve loans. The majority of insurance policies include coverage for roofing systems. If your… View Article Read More

February 14

Choosing the Right Roofing Material for Kansas Weather

Choosing the right roofing material for your Lenexa, KS home involves considering various factors to ensure durability, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Speaking with a… View Article Read More

January 17

Best Time of the Year to Replace Your Home’s Gutters or Siding?

Both siding and gutter installation are offered year-round. After all, when these important features fail, entire homes face the risk of moisture damage, pest infestation,… View Article Read More

7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof
December 14

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

The roof of your house acts as a lid and is one of the most integral parts of the structure. Your home’s roof protects the… View Article Read More

Roof siding repairs and installation
November 14

4 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Siding

The home’s siding is something many homeowners forget about until something goes very wrong. Replacing your siding sooner rather than later actually has quite a… View Article Read More

roof repair in Lenexa, KS
October 19

When to Repair or Replace Your Roof

A home’s roof plays a key role in protecting the property from the elements. If the roof is defective, the inside of the house is… View Article Read More

Is Moss Bad For Your Roof? Find Out What Our Experts Say.
September 18

Is Moss Bad For Your Roof? Find Out What Our Experts Say

Moisture is not uncommon in Lenexa, and this increases the risk of moss growth on your roof. While a little moss is not usually a… View Article Read More

Roof replacement in Lenexa, KS
August 14

7 Things to Know if You Stay Home During a Roof Replacement

A complete roof replacement is often the last resort for homeowners. It is necessary if a portion of the ceiling collapses, your home has structural… View Article Read More