A complete roof replacement is often the last resort for homeowners. It is necessary if a portion of the ceiling collapses, your home has structural damage, or minor repairs will no longer fix the problem. While you can live in a house while roofers replace the roof, it will change your life and the way you do simple things. That’s why many homeowners opt to stay in a hotel. If you decide to remain on-site, focus on the key things you need to know.

1. The Work Is Noisy

Roofing jobs are lengthy and produce a lot of noise. Not only will you hear hammers and other tools, but you’ll also hear the sounds of the roofers coming and going. Wearing noise-canceling headphones can help. You might consider staying outside during the day and only coming home at night. Some jobs last well into the night, though. The upside is that you’re there to answer any questions the crew has. You get updates directly from the manager, too.

2. Temperature Changes Are Common

The roof is just one component that keeps your home warm and comfortable. Replacing the roof requires moving large sections first. Even if the team puts down tarps or other supplies, some cold air will still get inside, depending on the time of year. The temperature drops even lower at night and during the winter in Lenexa. If you decide to stay home, ensure you have heaters, blankets, and clothing you can use to keep warm and block out the cold. On warmer days, the work on the roof can lead to higher temperatures inside as well.

3. Stress Affects Everyone

As the work progresses, everyone in your home may experience some stress. Kids often have a difficult time adjusting to changes. Between the noises, people walking around outside, and the dirt and dust floating through the air, they may hate being at home. You’ll likely feel some stress, too, especially if you work from home. Consider spending the day at the park or doing some of your family’s favorite activities while the pros work on your roof.

4. Your Safety Is at Risk

Keeping an eye on your kids is important because roofing work can affect their safety. You typically cannot let your kids play outside because shingles, nails, and other materials will fall from the roof. The safety of anyone is at risk until the end of the job. Even when the roofers leave for the day, there’s a high chance some roofing materials and other sharp objects may fall into your yard.

5. Pets Need Security

While a roof replacement can affect your kids, it will also affect your four-legged family members. Pets do not react well to the strangers they see walking around your home. While dogs can bark, growl, and snarl, cats may hide under beds. Try to find a place that is quiet and makes your pets feel safe and secure. Many pet parents find it helpful to keep their pets in bedrooms with dark curtains over the windows or in a room with no windows, such as a basement.

6. You Can Get in the Way

We often recommend homeowners stay away during roof replacements because we want to keep our crew as safe as our customers. You likely follow a set routine when you come home, which includes where you park and how you head inside. The crew working on your roof cannot see you or anyone else who is in the way. You also risk getting in the way when you try to do helpful things, such as bringing the crew cold drinks or checking in on the project.

7. Roofing Work Disrupts Your Routine

Another thing to know about a roof replacement is that the work disrupts your normal routine. We see many homeowners who don’t think about where they parked before we get to work. They then find they cannot move their cars because we blocked them in their driveways with our trucks. You may have a difficult time picking up groceries, taking your kids to their games, and even finding a place to park when you get home.

We want you to know that while you can live in a house when we replace your roof, it affects you in different ways. You need to know what to do with your kids and pets as well as how to stay safe. We offer a variety of services beyond roof replacements that include window replacement, storm restoration, exterior painting, and installation of gutters and siding. Contact HT Roofing & Construction if you live in Lenexa, KS, and need any of the services we provide.

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